YumaPro SDK Basic

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Automate the Development of your Network Management Projects

Full NETCONF and RESTCONF Server Development Kit

All the tools you need to design, implement and test your server, including:

  • yangcli-pro: YANG aware, NETCONF and RESTCONF client with scripting capability
  • Server supports full IETF compliant NETCONF, RESTCONF and YANG specifications


Flawless Upgrade Path

For even more features, see our YumaPro SDK Core and YumaPro SDK Advanced packages. Upgrading from YumaPro SDK Basic to the full-featured YumaPro SDK is a seamless process with no code re-write.


FREE: YumaPro SDK Basic Downloads

Download a binary SDK for free or for professional support, additional updates and binaries, choose one of the support options below.

Choose your desired package from the table below and refer to the YumaPro SDK Installation Guide for detailed installation instructions.

Find out more information from the YumaPro SDK Basic FAQ.

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Additional versions of the YumaPro SDK Basic packages

.amd64 / .x86_64 .arm64 .armhf
Debian 10
Debian 11
Debian 12

CentOS 7, Oracle Linux 7, and

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

CentOS8, Oracle Linux 8, and

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

CentOS 9, Oracle Linux 9, and

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9

Fedora 36
Fedora 37
Fedora 38
Raspberry Pi OS 10
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS